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To get my FREE detailed report with full instructions on how to start trading with my proven system, all you need to do is follow these two EASY steps:

1. Register for a SimpleFX trading account using my referral link.

Here’s the deal…

You’re going to need a Bitcoin-based forex account with a high-performance/low-cost broker to utilize this system.

SimpleFX pays a commission for referring new traders to them.

You start making money, and they get a new client.

It’s a total WIN-WIN for everyone involved.

In fact, I’m only going to benefit if YOU actually profit with my trading system.

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SimpleFX is the top-notch broker that I’ve been using to trade successfully with my strategy for going on three years now.

There is NO cost, NO minimum deposit requirements, and NO lengthy application process to open your account.

In fact, all you need is an email address!

2. Once you’ve set up your SimpleFX account, simply join my Telegram channel, (←- click the link).

It only takes a minute to join Telegram, and it’s free! If you are already on Telegram, just add my channel. Then, send me a quick message @BTCforextrader with your SimpleFX userid.

You’ll get a reply with a link to instantly download my report, usually within a couple of hours.

And that’s it!

Once you’ve completed those two steps and download the report, you’ll be ready to go!

NOTE: Stay active on my Telegram group chat, and you’ll get ongoing support, updates and bulletins from me along with our growing global community of traders. You can also use it to get help or advice anytime you need it.

By this time tomorrow, you could be well on your way to actively trading a net profit averaging 10% of a month, every single month, with virtually NO risk.

What’s more, I’ll also show you how to make even more money by simply sharing my report with others, the same way I’m doing with you (with your own referral link!).

This is all about sharing the wealth, and we’re making it worth everyone’s while to do so!

Why Am I Doing This?

I see way too many traders struggling to profit from Forex every day, simply because they’re doing it wrong.

Even worse, I see far too many forex “gurus” and sleazy marketers taking advantage of people’s desperation to just bleed them dry even more.

Look, I’m happy with what I’m making from my trading. I don’t need to turn the concept of sharing my knowledge into a “business”.

My goal is to get as many traders profiting like me, and sharing the wealth with others, as I possibly can.

Simply duplicate what I’m doing, and you will profit. Note that this strategy works no matter what Bitcoin’s price does. Whether its price is up or down, as long as you follow the strategy properly, you will profit.

Be serious, focused, and diligent. If you apply what I teach you in my report, don’t take shortcuts and/or try to reinvent the wheel, there’s absolutely no reason in the world why you can’t profit too!

Look, this is a strategy that I can easily sell for hundreds of dollars, or do managed accounts for thousands of dollars.

I’m giving this strategy away because I want any trader in the world to be able to benefit from it.

Follow the easy steps I lay out for you, and you will profit.

It’s that simple.

Here are those two steps again:

1. Set Up Your SimpleFX account with this link!

Remember, there’s no minimum deposit requirement, no lengthy application and absolutely NO cost to set up!

2. Once you have your SimpleFX account activated, join my Telegram Channel (click on the link) and send me your SimpleFX userid to @BTCforextrader.

Once verified, you’ll get a reply with the download link for your report, and you’ll be good to go with absolutely nothing more needed to succeed. It really is that simple.

Have questions? Chat me on Telegram!

It’s the best way to reach me.

See you there! :)

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